Saturday, January 28, 2012

Blog Post Assignment # 1

In Randy Pausch's "Time Management" video I learned a few important things; make plans, make lists, and do not be afraid to learn. In the beginning of the video Randy seemed to be saying, your going to mess up, but if you don't try then you will never learn the right way.  So basically, don't be afraid of messing up because experience is how you learn. Also, Randy stated the importance of making a plan and making a to-do-list. I do like to plan, but I seldom put my plan down on paper. I think making a to-do-list would help me manage my time a lot more efficiently. I have never heard of Randy before, but he had very insightful things to say, so I will probably look at more of his videos.

Blog Assignment # 1

Hi, I'm Jessica La Force and I'm twenty-one years old. This semester began my third year here at the University of South Alabama. I live in Coden, Alabama, and I commute to school three or two days a week. The drive is about forty-five minutes long. This past June I married my high school sweet heart, so I am a newlywed. It's a fun experience, but I also have a lot more responsibility. I do, however, enjoy learning how to live on my own now.
I chose to attend South Alabama for different reasons. The first reason was because this is where my aunt attended school, and she is also a teacher. The other reason is because it's close to home. I'm a major home-body. I can't go more than a week with out my family. I hope to grow out of that since there are many experiences I'd like to have in life, one being living in a different part of the country. My hobby and my addiction is reading. If someone was to start me talking about the "Outlander" series I may never stop! So, most of my free time is spent reading something I think may interest me, or re-reading one of my favorites.
I wish I had the imagination for an author, but I fell short there I believe. The way a person can create an incredible story, "Harry Potter" for example, out of thin air absolutely fascinates me! Like I said I could talk about this all day, but I won't.
Now, as to why I chose to become a teacher there are also many reasons. One being what I already mentioned, my aunt is a teacher. I have looked up to her my whole life. Then there were teachers I had in middle and high school that inspired me. They always went that extra mile for a kid in or out of school. They made me want to be like them. My final reason is simply because I love kids, and I'd love to be someone who helps create the adult they may become. These facts pretty much sum up who I am. If anyone has any questions I'd love to answer them!