Saturday, January 28, 2012

Blog Assignment # 1

Hi, I'm Jessica La Force and I'm twenty-one years old. This semester began my third year here at the University of South Alabama. I live in Coden, Alabama, and I commute to school three or two days a week. The drive is about forty-five minutes long. This past June I married my high school sweet heart, so I am a newlywed. It's a fun experience, but I also have a lot more responsibility. I do, however, enjoy learning how to live on my own now.
I chose to attend South Alabama for different reasons. The first reason was because this is where my aunt attended school, and she is also a teacher. The other reason is because it's close to home. I'm a major home-body. I can't go more than a week with out my family. I hope to grow out of that since there are many experiences I'd like to have in life, one being living in a different part of the country. My hobby and my addiction is reading. If someone was to start me talking about the "Outlander" series I may never stop! So, most of my free time is spent reading something I think may interest me, or re-reading one of my favorites.
I wish I had the imagination for an author, but I fell short there I believe. The way a person can create an incredible story, "Harry Potter" for example, out of thin air absolutely fascinates me! Like I said I could talk about this all day, but I won't.
Now, as to why I chose to become a teacher there are also many reasons. One being what I already mentioned, my aunt is a teacher. I have looked up to her my whole life. Then there were teachers I had in middle and high school that inspired me. They always went that extra mile for a kid in or out of school. They made me want to be like them. My final reason is simply because I love kids, and I'd love to be someone who helps create the adult they may become. These facts pretty much sum up who I am. If anyone has any questions I'd love to answer them!


  1. A reader! Readers are becoming scarce.

    What do you know about Randy Pausch now? Did you try to find out anything about him?

  2. Please put ALL parts of a Blog Assignment in ONE post.