Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blog Post # 8


This Is How We Dream

This is a video of Richard E. Miller talking about writing. He says now in this time of change it has never been more important to be involved in the changes in multimedia and literacy. We work now through our laptops. We do not use pencil and paper anymore. He made a point that things we get that are paper can be thrown away, but documents on the internet are always there. Also, documents on the internet can be shared with anyone.

Another change Mr. Miller spoke about was that it is now possible to collaborate through technology. We can compose things not only with text but also with images and videos. I think this is useful, because not only are we able to read information but we can see it for ourselves. Being able to see and hear information catches your attention more I think. The material you're working with doesn't have to be material from the past it can also be material of the present. For example, results from the current election as they come in.

We work in an environment where material changes before our eyes. We have great visual representation of the material we are learning. Mr. Miller says he sees things being composed through technology, and he believes they should be. People are already composing using the web itself. I can see the definite benefits of this. There is that part of me who loves words, pages, and just books in general. I think I always will love these things and can't completely agree with using nothing but technology. However, I do see that our students need to be taught using the things around them that are available.

Carly Pugh's Blog Post # 12

I really enjoyed Carly's blog post. I think she did an excellent job with connecting writing and multimedia. She also helped open my eyes a little more to this. She showed exactly how we can use multimedia in our writing. She mentioned that not everyone loves books and reading. I didn't think about that until it was pointed out. I love my books, but I know plenty of people who don't read. She showed me that providing images and videos can include more people. Maybe someone's attention will be sparked that wouldn't normally have been by only reading a book.

The Chipper Series

The Chipper video is Dr. Strange's way of trying to tell us not to procrastinate. Get your work in on time! Chipper thinks she should get credit for doing her work even if it's late. If we had a job that wouldn't be acceptable so how is it acceptable for our school work? Chipper wants him to teach her she doesn't want to learn. In my opinion he is teaching us, and we learn more by figuring things out ourselves. The resources are there to help us there shouldn't be any reason for us not to get our work done.

EDM310 For Dummies

This video basically tells us if we are frustrated and confused all we have to do is use the material available to us. Like I said above everything we need is there we just need to take the time to use it.

If I were to make a video or participate in one for my class these are good examples for me. If your students are having trouble with something particular YouTube videos are a great way to lay out the facts for them. If I were to do a video I'd research things on the topic and come up with a creative way to make it.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn

Education ranked below coal mining, really? This video makes the point that kids these days are experiencing a whole world outside of the classroom that is banned from the classroom. This world is more stimulating for them so why not accept and use it to educations advantage. If we want to make education through technology more available to students we have to first start with the teachers. The jobs students will have do not go with standardize testing. They will need the ability to get along and work with others while brainstorming for themselves also.

There are many different and cool tools on Web 2.0 Tools. I have given examples of a couple ones below.

1.) I chose to create and Edmodo account. This tool reminds me of Facebook mostly, but it's a place for teachers, students, and even parents. You can gohere to visit my profile.

I would use this account to connect with my students and their parents. I would post all inn class assignments that were done, and also all the homework assignments that need to be done. If my students have projects they have due I would post constant updates reminding them about it. I could also give my students assignments using this account. So if a student is absent they wouldn't have to fall behind. Parents could easily contact me with anything they may need. Also, the students would have more access to me than just in the classroom.

3.) My Comix:
My first day of school comix

4.) Animoto is a place to turn your photos, video clips, and music into stunning video masterpieces, at least according to Animoto. You can personalize videos and put music with them. You can even make them in high definition. You can create videos for absolutely anything you want to. It's a great tool if you love creating videos.

5.) My Poll:


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