Sunday, October 7, 2012

C4K Post # 1

I commented on five different kids post in September. We were only supposed to comment on three, but I was a little confused the first time of which kid to comment on. So I left a comment for all four kids.

The first one I commented on was Jacob and Olivia's letters. They wrote to someone in Africa, and they both wondered what it was like there. I told them how neat it was that they get to write to someone so far away and how I always wanted to do something like that. Jacob mentioned that he had traveled to Canada. I told him that was one place I'd really like to visit. Olivia talked about her pets and reading. I told her how responsible she must be to take care of her pets, and that I also loved to read.

Next, I commented on Catherine and Gabby's letters. They also wrote to the same person in Africa. Catherine said she plays soccer and she has an aunt that lives in Africa. I told her it was cool her Aunt lived in Africa, and that all of my family lived in Mobile. Gabby said her mom tells her she glides like a dolphin while swimming. I told her I'd like to see her swim and she should swim on a team. I also commented on the things they wondered about Africa, and that I also wondered the same things they did.

Lastly, I commented on Hope's blog. She told stories on her blog. The one I read was one of a girl who lost her hair band at the beach. I told her how funny it was that she lost her hair band, because I do that all the time at the beach. I also told her how cool her blog was. It was very colorful.

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