Friday, February 3, 2012

Blog Post Assignment # 2; The Importance of Creativity

In the video that talks about the importance of creativity Ken Robinson make's some very interesting points. He is giving a speech about how schools kill creativity. He say's that creativity is educated out of students. Our society expects kids to perfect math, science, and language, but they put art and dance on the back burner. He made a reference to kids that are now called ADD, maybe those kids are great at something other than sitting still and learning what adults believe they should learn. Not saying education isn't important, but all types of education is important. If a child love's to draw let him/her focus mostly on their drawing. Everyone is fantastic at something if we let them figure out what that is rather than pointing them in the direction we believe is right. I personally loved this video. I usually hate watching videos for classes, but this one was very entertaining to me.

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