Friday, February 3, 2012

Blog Post Assignment # 2; Mr. Winkle Wakes

The video Mr. Winkle Wakes, by Mathew Needleman, is about a man named Mr. Winkle who was alsleep for one-hundred years, and he woke up in the present to find everything different from what he remembered. He saw huge buildings that made no sense to him. He found himself in a hospital where machine's kept people alive. The machine's were probably the biggest shock to him. Mr. Winkle wandered around until he found himself in a school. In the school he found more familiar things that comforted him. He saw machines, but they weren't being used. There were student's being lectured to by teachers all day long, and the students sat quietly in their desks listening. This video seemed more of a slap in the face to modern education in my opinion. It implies that in one-hundred years the human race has made such incredible progress, but how we educate people hasn't changed much. So if we are so advanced in every other aspect why can't we make our education better with modern technology? 

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  1. Hello Jessica,

    The video about Mr. Winkle is more of a wake up call, than a slap in the face, but I get your meaning. It's certainly not a positive review of the present status of education in relation to the rest of the world.

    Anyway, for some reason you posted each section of Blog Assignment #2 separately, and you need to post them all together. Just copy and paste them in the order they are in on the assignment page (I think it's reverse from how they look on your blog), and into one post. It can be one of your old posts. Actually, just copy and paste all of the other posts for this one into this post since it was the first one published. That should work. All you'll have left to do is add a picture with the requisite alt and title tags.