Sunday, February 12, 2012

C4T Assignments # 3 and # 1

For my C4T assignment I commented on Scott Mcleod's blog, it's called dangerously ! irrelevant . The first post I commented on was titled,  Iowa Governor Terry Branstad's recent remarks about retaining 3rd graders. This was about retention and how it can prevent a student from graduating later on. This post also said that his state was holding student's back in the hope of raising test scores. In my comment on this I agreed that they shouldn't hold kids back just for the higher test scores, but I disagreed that retention could be the sole reason a kid doesn't graduate. Scott wrote back to tell me that it can be proven that retention can be the cause of a student not graduating, and he encouraged me to follow a link in his post to see where it had been proven. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, because I found it an interesting argument. 
The second post I commented on to Scott Mcleod was called  Digital Learning Day: The aftermath.
 This post was interesting, because it let me know about "Digital Learning Day." I previously did not know there was a day like this. He goes on to tell us a little about it and gives links that may interest us on the topic. In my comment I demonstrated my gratitude for this post, and I agreed we need more days like that.

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