Friday, February 24, 2012

Blog Post Assignment # 4

Langwitches Blog
I really enjoyed reading this blog. It was cool to see how the teacher used podcast to teach the student's things they would normally be taught from a text book. By hearing their voices translated back to them the student's wanted to read better in order to sound better. I also liked the use of the smart board, because it allowed the student's to be more involved. The teacher point's out how excited student's are to work on pod casts. It is a great learning tool in my opinion. This website is very helpful for anyone who wants to create a podcast for educational purposes.
Kids Podcasting

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  1. Jessica,
    For blog post 4 you were supposed to write about at least 3 of the resources listed in the blog assignment. Good job on remembering your usable link and picture though.

    Your classmate,
    Jeni Stovall