Saturday, November 3, 2012

Blog Post # 10

Papermate or Ticonderoga Cartoon

Adventures in Pencil Integration: John T. Spencer

At first I have to say I didn't understand the cartoon. Then, after some research it was quite easy to understand. The Papermate is the norm; it's what the majority of people will go with. The Ticonderoga is a little more expensive and not many people will purchase it. However, the more educated person might purchase the Ticonderoga because it holds up longer and is not easily broken. If you follow the crowd you'll most likely purchase the Papermate, regardless if it isn't a quality purchase. The message I got from this was to think for yourself, and do not go with the norm. Maybe there are smarter choices you could be making if you weren't caught up with the crowd.

Why Were Your Kids Playing Games?

This was a very enjoyable post to read. The principal is angry with the teacher for "playing a game" during class time. However, the teacher sees it as a fun creative way to teach his kids rather than the same boring stuff over and over again. The part I really loved was this one, "If we want students to pass the rote memorization test, we need to focus on rote memorization skills." The principal goes on to ask him if he was sleeping during their meeting about this. The teacher tells him of course he was paying attention, but he is thinking to himself that he wasn't. I think this sums up how most teachers teach, by trying to get student to memorize when we should be learning.

Acceptable Use Committee

I found a third post on Mr. Spencer's blog that I enjoyed. The committee's goal is to make kids aware of "pencil predators." The predators send notes to kids to lure them in apparently. Then a teacher speaks up and says what if that goal isn't acceptable, and what if it's about being ethical instead? He says if that's the case we need an Acceptable Use policy for everything. His point being kids should be ethical critical thinkers. The leader of the group completely misses the point and says, "I think that's a brilliant idea. I'll bring that back to my supervisor. We should have Acceptable Use policies for all subjects."

This blog has a lot of neat posts that are funny and educational.

Dont teach your kids this stuff. Please?

This is a post by Scott Mcleod where it's pretty obvious he being sarcastic. What he pretty much says is do not teach your kids to grow and learn with technology. However, I will teach mine and they will have the upper hand down the road. I commented saying I liked the way he tried to convince people or not convince them to embrace technology. I learned that Mr. McLeod is an Associate Professor and his blog is called Dangerously Irrelevant. I've commented on his blog before and I've always enjoyed reading his posts.

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