Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blog Post #13

Students discussing not remembering what they learned last semester

My TEDx Talk-Learning is Messy

This video by Brian Crosby was too cool. Mr. Crosby just showed what he does with his fourth grade students. They do many fun an insightful projects, and the hot air balloon in the video was by far the coolest. The camera they put on the balloon made it so much better. In the beginning of the video Mr. Crosby shows that most of the students in his class didn't know what state they lived in, what country, their address or phone number. Mr. Crosby used blogs and Skype and other things during this project that enabled the kids to learn so much more about the world they live in than they ever would have known. My personal favorite part of the video was where Mr. Crosby showed how he Skype's with a student who has leukemia, and he involves her in what the class is doing while they do it. She has to do her work the same as the other students even though she can't be there. That's amazing for her and for her classmates. I would recommend this video to any aspiring teacher.

A Vision of Students Today

This is a video about the average college student in today's society. We go to class and sit through lectures that most of us pay no attention to. We spend more time on our computers on social networks than we do actually learning in the classroom. I know I'm one of those students who have asked the question; what's the point? What's the point in sitting through this class and paying for it if it will not help me with my future or help me now?
I think the point to the video is, through technology students can engage and learn so much more than they can sitting and listening to a teacher lecture. We are always on the internet anyway; why not incorporate that into our learning. Considering how much free information there is on the internet for us it seems crazy not to take advantage of that. Basically education is behind our society. In order for us to keep up with our surroundings education needs to keep up as well.

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