Sunday, November 11, 2012

C4K Month of October

I posted on six different blogs for the month of October. The first one I posted was for Nikkity from Mr. Wirth's class. Her post was all about fall weather and what she loved about fall. I told her I also loved fall, and how cool was it that the leaves change colors? My next post was to an extremely busy 10th grader on He was commenting on the election and all of his AP classes he takes. He really sounded more like her was in college rather than the 10th grade. I told him he inspired me to try harder for sure. He mentioned that the campaign ads were a waste of good money and I agreed with him there.

I also commented on Taylor's blog. Her post was an apology letter from Goldilocks to the three bears, which I thought was nice. I told her that we should all write apology letters from time to time. It was a neat way for kids to learn that apologizing is a good thing when you know you are wrong. Then, I commented on Hudson's post which was just a picture of an animal and he asked if we knew what it was. He said it wasn't a cheetah even though that is what it looked like. So I asked him was it maybe a jaguar.

The next post was about teachers being too focused on kids getting passing grades and high test scores. I agreed with that point, and I also mentioned how easy it was when I was in grade school to simply get information from other students without having to learn it yourself. My last comment was to Colton. Colton's post was about a book and why he liked the book. He said the book was about a person who has to find a way to survive, and how the person had to fight off a bear at one point. I told him his post made me want to go buy that book and read it.

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  1. Hi Jessic a,

    I'm Cyrus and I will be commenting on your blog. I agree with you that student can get information from other students without having to do the work themselves.I think that teachers do put to much focus on students getting passing grades instead of making sure that they understand the material. I enjoyed reading your blog and hope to read more from you.Keep up the good work.