Sunday, November 11, 2012

C4T #3 Summary

For C4T #3 I commented on Julie Vincentsen's blog which is called One Principal's Musings. The first post I commented on was about ways to help struggling readers have a better learning experience with reading. I took interest in this considering I'm majoring in Secondary Language Arts. Audiobooks were suggested for struggling readers. I agreed with this method, and I will definitely keep this in mind for the future. Ms. Vincentsen also gave many options for websites to visit for audiobooks. I just told her how much I love reading and I believe kids are missing out if they are having trouble, and I thanked her for the list and her ideas.

The second post I commented on was about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and there was also a video included with the post. I read the post and watched the video. The post was basically celebrating his life and achievements, and also the achievements we have made as a country. The video was very inspiring to watch and I quite enjoyed the post altogether. In my comment I told her so and also thanked her for reminding us of how inspiring of a person Dr. King was. When you see people like that I think it inspires you to try harder every day.

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