Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Last C4T Summary Post

For my last C4T I commented on Ms. Cassidy's blog. Ms. Cassidy's main objective seemed to be PBL (Project Based Learning). She wanted to incorporate projects into all areas of learning. In the first post I commented on she seemed to have trouble deciding how she would use PBL with social studies. She managed by letting only some students play with the class Nintendo DS while others had to sit and watch. There are only a couple of the Nintendo's so before other kids got too upset over not playing she took the games back and had the class sit down. She got them to brainstorm on what would be fair for all the students. They made up rules and came to a fair conclusion together. This was the project having them work together. I thought this was a very thoughtful way to incorporate social studies into PBL.
The second post I commented on was also about PBL. She called it "Construction Day." Ms. Cassidy had the students find random things in the classroom and create something with them. Their imaginations were the limit. This was my favorite project she did because you could see into each kid's imagination.

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